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Sweet Spread
Sweet Spread That 70's Site
Sonya and Jeff have a mutual relationship, they share an apartment and have an all around mutual passion for each other. Life is great until old friends drop in. The girls end up crashing at another pad, where they seduce the phone...
Phone Sex Fantasies
Phone Sex Fantasies That 70's Site
From award winning director Henri Pachard, this hotline makes everyone's fantasies come true. Magazine centerfolds come to life, a frustrated housewife finds relief in the form of her TV repairman, a virgin has his condition rectified...

Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass That 70's Site
Cult film par excellence, successfully blending adult and horror cinema into a legendary package. One of only 3 films made by the mysterious Jonas Middleton, "Through The Looking Glass" shows the descent of a beautiful...
My Party Doll
My Party Doll That 70's Site
A true 80's classic... Ron Jeremy stars as a video store clerk whose wildest dreams come true when a blow up doll comes to life!! Cara Lott is a sizzling hot sex doll in this hilarious, yet very sexy feature. Also starring Alexis Firestone.

Sexpot That 70's Site
In the old days, royalty had food-tasters. Now, Brittany Morgan has cock tasters. This is the prime example of a classic 80's shot on video, one day wonder. Charlene Cody and Tasha Vaux are especially hot!! If you love Brittany...
Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street
Kinky Ladies of Bourbon Street That 70's Site
For a short time in the mid 1970s, the French hardcore industry boomed and several truly classic adult films were made - starting with the late Claude Mulot's great 'Pussy Talk.' Mulot followed this with 'Kinky Ladies' - an...

Lady Madonna
Lady Madonna That 70's Site
Lady Madonna (Stacey Donovan) runs the most elite escort service with the most beautiful women on New York's East side. Follow this tale of debauchery as her ladies discover the passion of cum-filled adventures. Co-starring...
Teenage Cheerleaders
Teenage Cheerleaders That 70's Site
Pre-dating the Debbie Does Dallas cheerleading phenomenon by several years, this film is a sexy light-hearted farce featuring classic New York pornsters Jamie Gillis, delicious Darby Lloyd Raines and cute Cindy West...

The Horneymooners
The Horneymooners That 70's Site
The funniest, sexiest movie of the year. With all your favorite stars! Watch as the Ramdens and the Hortons have their lives turned upside down. It's a regular riot as the couples swing to a sensuous beat, and with each other. Special...
Miami Vice Girls
Miami Vice Girls That 70's Site
Cricket and Juggs are the hottest undercover narcs who ever snorted a coke trail. Inspired from the TV show, this one could not be farther from the original. Actually, it is a pretty cheesy flick, but a classic 80's spoof. In the end, Cricket...

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Rabbits Reviews:
"Before I go any further, let me tell you that That 70s Site isn't a pornographic parody of "That 70s Show." On the downside, that means there aren't any Mila Kunis look-alikes to be seen, but on the plus side, there aren't any Kurtwood Smith look-alikes either.

So what can you expect from That70sSite? The answer is classic, hardcore skin flicks from the golden age of porn. So far, there are 46 full-length films and they have names like "All About Sharon Kane," "Sexpionage" and "Tight Delight." Maybe you've heard of them. If not, you can discover them on the site and sit back and enjoy all the vintage cock sucking and fucking.

Each movie is fairly lengthy and consists of multiple scenes. As such, you're actually getting more smut than it would seem. New movies were being added to the website weekly up until mid-March 2010, but it's been about three weeks since the last update.

None of the films can be streamed or downloaded in their full lengths, but individual scenes can. You can stream the clips in Flash, QuickTime or Windows Media format and download them as MPEGs, MPEG-4s and Windows Media files. The best MPEGs and WMVs offer stellar-quality playback and are sure best bets when it comes to download formats.

You won't find any actual photos on the website, but you will find 46 sets of vid caps. Being what they are, the vids caps aren't much to look, but they do give you the ability to see what film offers before you go to the trouble of streaming or downloading its parts. In that sense, they're worth a look.
Aside from all the classic porn, you also get access to 22 bonus sites, including Busty Amateur Boobs, Facial Abuse and Monster Cock Madness. You also get access to tons of additional videos that can be streamed or downloaded and other stuff as well. These extras will keep you nice and busy while you wait for new classic stuff to be added.

That70sSite still needs to get back on track with updates, but it actually provides you with a deceivingly large amount of retro porn. I'd say that the site's worth a look and the many extras that are included with a membership make joining it all the more worthwhile."

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